If you have made it to this page, it is because someone has told you about our 16-year-old transgender daughter, Rain. She is an awesome human, and I'm not saying that because I'm biased.  She's just freaking awesome.

Rain McVeigh

Rain has decided that she wants to save sperm, because she is interested in both adopting and having a child of her own blood in the future, and we found out that fertility "anything" is not covered by our insurance, thus, our HSA.

Since time is of the essence (she is hoping to start hormones after a specialist appointment on Wednesday, January 6) I am going to offer shorter (45 minute) photography sessions on Saturday, January 16 (morning/afternoon) to women with five edited images for $150. $50 usually goes to the woman that does hair/makeup (Alicia Maynard), but she is going to donate $25 from each client for Rain! I need to find 8-10 women. If you need to schedule a different day, I can work with your schedule, but hair & makeup won't be included.

I am planning to schedule sessions on one day in the very near future, but I need to have people register and pay beforehand - kind of like Kickstarter, so we can schedule Rain's appointment at the fertility center before the appointment with the specialist.  Rain has been waiting to take hormones for quite some time, now - it took her parents a while to catch up - and she also wants to save sperm.  You might be able to see where waiting to start hormones would be very frustrating.

If you are interested in being photographed, please check out my editing style.  I (Nichole) love photographing women, and I do have a definite "style." Clean and vibrant, might be the way to say it.

Payments and monetary gifts (I'm mentioning gifts, because a friend surprised me that way, and I realized it would be a good idea to have that option) can be sent through PayPal to nichole.mcveigh@gmail.com by selecting the "gift" option.  I will send you a thank you email, so you know I got it, and then an email with more information on Tuesday (since I need to pull money together by Monday night). The money will not be refundable, since we will be using it straight away - and I will do anything I can to accommodate schedule changes.

By the way, reaching out like this is very different for me, and I was hesitant at first. I guess because it's my daughter, and not me, I am considerably more motivated!

And, thank you.  Thank you for even considering supporting Rain in her journey - it means a lot.

This package is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  It means a lot!  If you are interested in sending a monetary gift, sending through PayPal is always an option!

If you need any more information, please contact me here, or by phone - 1.615.836.8984.