Lucent: glowing with light

Vignette: a short piece...which clearly expresses the typical characteristics of...someone
(Cambridge Dictionaries Online)

Lucent Vignette: the art of story through light.

Days go by and time just flies away like your calendar sprouted wings. Your lives are a collection of brilliant events that make your days vibrant and exciting. When do you really ever think about your camera during those moments?

Every moment is a story, a vignette. A brief snapshot of your life. While there is no way we could help you capture the individual moments, we certainly can help you create beautiful art that will tell the story of you, your lucent vignette.

Dole and Nichole McVeigh are a husband and wife team located in Middle Tennessee. A love for photography and family combined with an appreciation for those fleeting moments, gives us an understanding for the importance of quality photography.

Whether it is head-shots for your online presence, family portraits, capturing that little someone, or your special event, Lucent Vignette Photography is the home for all of your fine art needs.  If you would like one of us to contact you about pricing or to schedule a session, please call us at (615) 669-7557 , or email us at Below is a handy form that does all of the work for you.

Nashville area photographers, Nichole and Dole McVeigh, are Lucent Vignette, a print based studio focused on creating beautiful art for their clients.

We would love to hear from you. Most clients want to know how much everything will cost. All of this is so much less confusing over the phone, or better yet, a cup of coffee. When we receive your information, we will send you a welcome letter. We will contact you as soon as possible so we can get your session scheduled. Completing this form will add you to our news list. We promise that your information is safe.

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